7 Natural Ways To Treat Chest And Neck Wrinkles.

You might already be taking good care of your face and have a skincare routine sorted. But what about the chest and neck wrinkles? It often gets forgotten until the wrinkles become so noticeable that it’s hard to miss.

And it’s not only the wrinkles that are the problem. Exposure to the sun can affect our chest as much as it does our face and bring on premature signs of aging like pigmentation.

The skin on the neck is although a little thicker than the facial skin, still very susceptible to sun damage. The wrinkly neck area can be a dead giveaway of your age, just like the chest and even hands. We need to start thinking of how to take care of those areas as well.

Sure, appearance of wrinkles is a natural aging process, but taking care of your skin isn’t going against nature, it’s just looking after the wonderful gift that you have – skin. 

Surgical and clinic procedures vs natural non-invasive or non-abrasive remedies for chest and neck wrinkles.

There are plenty of ways to fight the signs of aging like laser treatments, chemical peels, neck lift or turning to a surgical procedure. But these things can be a little scary, not to mention expensive. 

I would like to share my 7 natural tips with you on the prevention and reduction of the appearance of chest and neck wrinkles. I will start with the obvious ones first, but save the ones that you may not have even considered to last. 

Some of these things you already have at home and after reading the tips might say “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Or if you are already doing so please let me know in the comments below if you found them helpful. 

Tip 1: Sun Protection.

The obvious one, is to reduce sun exposure and apply good SPF 50+ sunscreen just like you would to your face. I am a sucker for tanned skin so I use the same tinted high protection sunscreen that I use for my face and spread it down all over my neck and chest. That way I have a nice bronzed glow without damaging my skin. 

You can check here the natural tinted sunscreen brands I recommend. Sunscreen is a must regardless of your skin type. Using good protection and limiting exposure to the sun will help you fight multiple signs of skin aging, from loose skin and wrinkles to age spots. Age spots are often a defense mechanism of the skin to protect itself from environmental factors. 

Tip 2: Hydration: What does it have to do with chest and neck wrinkles?

Another simple one, but a hydrated body equals hydrated skin. Our body including our skin of course is made up of water so keep refilling that water bottle and don’t go anywhere without it. 

Hack: get multiple bottles of water, one for your office desk, one for the car, one for the gym bag, and one to sit on the kitchen bench top. Why? Because that way you will never have the excuse “oh I forgot my water bottle today”. This seriously works so well for me. It’s a worthwhile investment to have a few. 

As I finish writing this paragraph I’m off to the kitchen to refill my peppermint tea cup, yes herbal tea counts towards your water intake.

Drinking water hydration for skin health

Tip 3: Treat your neck, face, and chest the same way.

Treat your neck skin and chest the same way you do your face. Have a simple skincare routine and apply some good hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and retinol serums all the way down to your cleavage, don’t stop at your chin. 

Yes, it means you will go through your products a little quicker, but you can opt for a good affordable brand like The Ordinary so you can make it possible. Here are my favorite skincare products that I use daily to keep that collagen production going. 

Remember that use of retinol serum is very helpful in the production of collagen or elastin production which unfortunately is diminishing with age leaving us saggy and wrinkly. 

Tip 4: Moisturisation.

You can use good neck cream as part of your skin care routine, but face creams will do just as good of a job. So if you can’t be bothered buying a separate neck cream you can just start making a habit of adding an extra dab of that cream to your palm and massaging it into your neck. 

Don’t forget the around-the-ears area as that area can also start developing the appearance of lines as the skin elasticity diminishes over time. We have quite thin skin around our ears area, so keep it moist and hydrated. 

Woman moisturising her neck and chest to prevent chest wrinkles

Tip 5: Pillow - your sleep position matters.

Get a good pillow, particularly if you are a side sleeper like me. If your pillow is too flat you are more likely to have a scrunched-up effect of your neck when you sleep as it’s not elevated properly. Your spine should be in one straight line as much as possible and your chest area shouldn’t be squashed.

Tip 6: Hug pillow.

While we are on the topic of pillows and side sleepers, get yourself a good sausage pillow or a pillow that you can hug. Rest your upper arm on that pillow to straighten out and open your chest for the same reason as above. You don’t want your chest and boobs all scrunched up for 6-8 hours, the effects of gravity can cause the vertical type of wrinkles along your chest. 

Those vertical lines that come up from our cleavage area, ruin the look of our sexy decolletage that we may sometimes want to show off in that sexy black dress. It’s also better for your blood flow and helps create good posture while you sleep. 

By the way, since I started hugging a pillow, I found my neck and shoulders don’t get as stiff in the morning. It’s so much more comfortable than just letting your upper arm hang in there not knowing where to stick it. Maybe you can relate to this. Try it tonight. 

woman hugging pillow to prevent neck wrinkles

Tip 7: Posture: How it affects chest and neck wrinkles.

I know I touched on your sleeping posture, but good posture throughout the day also makes a difference. Imagine when you are hunched over and have your chin down all the time, you are more likely to create those horizontal neck lines than if you were sitting or standing nice and tall with your chin up. It only makes sense right? 

Spend more time being in a nice upright posture. Core and back strengthening exercises can help with that. We spend a lot of time looking at our cell phone or laptop so our neck is always kind of squashed forward if you know what I mean. 

If you have the opportunity to work on well-positioned desktop screens it will not only benefit your spine and overall health but help reduce the appearance of neck lines. You probably don’t think of wrinkles when you think about posture right? 

Neck wrinkles from poor posture

These are some of the natural ways that can help you keep that youthful appearance before resorting to cosmetic treatments. Regardless of whether you decide to try more invasive treatments or not, a good skincare routine is a must for us over 35 ladies, whether it would be to prevent your face, chest, or neck wrinkles or simply to feel glowing and radiant. 

Of course, skin care is important for all ages, but as our skin matures this is when we need to really hone in on it and use good products and good practices to stay looking fabulous and age well. 

Let me know in the comment below which tips you might try today or tonight. 

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