hormone balancing smoothie recipe

Best Hormone Balancing Smoothie: Low-Carb.

Hey, my health-conscious friend. If you’re like me and looking to balance those hormones and tackle things like PMS symptoms, hot flashes, or even insulin resistance,  youre probably always on a lookout for healthy and nutrient packed recipes. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve been working on a fantastic hormone balancing smoothie recipe with our nutritionist that’s loaded with fiber-rich fruits, veggies, and plenty of protein, making it perfect for keeping your hormones happy and healthy.

This hormone balancing smoothie is packed with nutrients and good fats, which is great for managing hormone imbalances and supporting healthy estrogen levels. It’s super easy to make. But let’s be frank, it’s so thick and creamy you probably won’t be able to suck it through a straw so the straw in the picture is just for good looks. hehe


Plus, it’s based on natural yogurt to boost your gut health with important probiotics and add creaminess and extra hormone-supportive benefits. And don’t forget, this smoothie can also help with low energy and brain fog, thanks to its powerful antioxidants and nutrient-rich ingredients.

So, if you’re ready to boost your mood and energy while supporting your menstrual cycle and overall health, give this hormone-balancing smoothie formula a try!

While this hormone-balancing smoothie can definitely boost your nutrient intake, it’s important to remember that a single smoothie isn’t a cure-all for dietary issues. For optimal hormone health, focus on maintaining an overall healthy diet and regular exercise routine. This smoothie is a great addition to your day—it can kickstart a healthy morning or give you a nutrient boost in the afternoon. Just remember, this hormone balancing smoothie is a part of your healthy lifestyle, not a solution for all dietary challenges. Take a look at my other resources to help you keep your hormones healthy like my “What to Eat for Healthy Hormones” guide.  

How Gut Health Affects Hormones.

Believe it or not, your gut health can have a significant impact on your hormone levels. Ok, maybe you already knew that, but in case you didn’t, now you do. The gut microbiome, which consists of trillions of bacteria, plays a crucial role in hormone metabolism and balance. An imbalance in gut bacteria can lead to hormonal imbalances, which can manifest as a variety of symptoms, including weight gain, decreased energy levels, and mood swings.

Other Hormone-Balancing Ideas.

In addition to this delicious smoothie, there are plenty of other ways to support hormone balance through your diet. Here are a few ideas:

  • Include plenty of fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables (particularly leafy greens), fruits, and whole grains, in your diet. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels, blood sugar balance is crucial for hormone balance.
  • Incorporate healthy fats, such as avocados, nuts, and seeds, into your diet. Healthy fats are essential for hormone production and can help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Limit your intake of processed foods, sugars, and artificial additives, which can disrupt hormone balance.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can affect hormone levels and overall health.
  • Consider adding hormone-balancing herbs and spices, such as maca root, to your diet.

For an extra boost to your hormone health, you might also want to consider incorporating a supplement like Happy Hormones. I’ve personally tried it, and it’s been beneficial for me and many of my clients. You can find out more about it here.

Hormone Balancing Smoothie Recipe.


  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk (I recommend organic type like Pure Harvest as many non-organic plant milk types are often loaded with additives)
  • 1/4 avocado (for those good fats to keep you fuller for longer)
  • 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds (these will make the smoothie a little thicker and creamier especially if you let it sit for 5-10 mins once mixed in with liquid) 
  • 1 teaspoon of flax seeds
  • 1/2 cup Greek or natural plain yogurt (full-fat and unsweetened, and look for the type that has live probiotic cultures, Evia or Siggi’s are my favourite brands)
  • 1 handful of spinach or kale (don’t worry you won’t even taste it, but it will add a bunch of nutrients and antioxidants) 
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Ice cubes (optional, for a colder smoothie)
  • Optional: Add a serving of clean collagen powder for even more natural protein boost and gut and joins supporting benefits. I use Happy Collagen Mixed Berry flavour, it goes really nicely with this particular smoothie recipe. 


  1. Blend It Up: Place all smoothie ingredients in a high-speed blender.
  2. Smooth Operator: Blend until smooth and creamy. If you like your smoothie colder, add a few ice cubes.
  3. Sip & Enjoy: Pour into your favorite glass, sip, and feel those hormones balancing out! (just kidding, you won’t feel your actual hormones of course right away, but you sure will feel proud of yourself for getting those goodies in for the day).

Why These Ingredients?

  • Avocado: This creamy green wonder is packed with healthy fats and rich in essential amino acids that are great for your heart and fiber helps with digestion and keeps you feeling full. It’s loaded with vitamins like K (for blood clotting and bone health), E (an antioxidant), C (boosts your immune system and keeps your skin glowing), and vitamin B  (gives you energy and keeps your brain sharp). Plus, avocados are rich in potassium and magnesium, which are key for heart health, muscle function, and keeping fluids balanced. They also have antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health and folate, which is crucial for DNA repair.
  • Berries: Berries are awesome because they’re low in sugar but packed with vitamin C, which is great for your immune system and skin. They’re full of antioxidants that help fight off free radicals (the nasty stuff that can damage your cells) and reduce oxidative stress (the wear and tear on your body). This is super important for keeping your hormones balanced and reducing inflammation, which helps your whole endocrine system work better.
  • Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds: These little seeds are like tiny hormone superheroes. They provide fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for keeping your hormones in check and supporting good gut bacteria.
  • Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a fantastic source of protein, calcium and probiotics, which are great for your gut health. As mentioned before, it’s important to choose yogurts with live probiotics. Look for ones with Lactobacillus acidophilus, which helps with lactose digestion and boosts your immune system. Bifidobacterium (bifidus) is another good one, aiding in fiber digestion and reducing harmful bacteria. Also, check for Streptococcus thermophilus, which helps with lactose digestion and supports a healthy gut environment. Finally, cultures like Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are also beneficial for their role in improving digestion and enhancing overall gut health. These probiotics support digestion, enhance your immune system, and contribute to a balanced gut microbiome, positively impacting hormonal regulation and overall well-being.

  • Spinach: Leafy greens like spinach and kale are fantastic for you because they’re packed with magnesium. This mineral is key for lowering cortisol levels and helping you get a good night’s sleep—both crucial for keeping your hormones in check. But that’s not all. Spinach is also loaded with vitamins A, C, and K. These vitamins support your immune system, keep your skin healthy, and help with blood clotting. Plus, it’s got folate, which is important for DNA repair, and iron, which boosts your energy and helps with red blood cell production. All these nutrients work together to keep you healthy, boost your energy, and keep your hormones balanced.

  • Cinnamon: Not only does cinnamon make your dishes taste amazing, but it also helps keep your blood sugar levels steady, which prevents those annoying hormone-disrupting sugar spikes.

  • Almond Milk or Coconut Milk: If you’re looking to keep your smoothie low in carbs and calories, plant-based milks like organic almond milk or coconut milk are a great choice.

  • Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds: These little seeds are powerhouses of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The fiber helps keep your digestion on track and can help manage excess hormones by binding to them and helping flush them out of your system. The omega-3s in chia and flax seeds support hormonal balance by reducing inflammation and improving how your endocrine system functions. Together, these nutrients help maintain a healthy metabolism and support your body’s natural hormone regulation.

Boost It with Protein Powder or Collagen Protein!

For an extra protein punch, you can always add a scoop of protein powder, but I prefer collagen peptides as it’s beneficial for gut, joins and skin health without causing digestive issues. Just make sure to choose a clean, high-quality option. 

So, go ahead and whip up this hormone balancing smoothie. Your taste buds (and hormones) will thank you!

Enjoy your smoothie and feel free to share it with friends who might need a little hormone help too! 

Discover More Hormone Balancing Resources.

Looking for more comprehensive information on hormone balance? Check out my menopause diet plans, featuring four different styles of hormone-friendly diets: Mediterranean, keto, Paleo, and vegetarian. These plans provide detailed guidance on how to structure your meals to support hormonal health during menopause.

Enjoy your hormone balancing smoothie and explore these additional resources to support your hormonal health journey!

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