Hi, I’m Liv Banks-Strong. My mission is to help you feel confident and positive about turning 40, 50, 60, and beyond. To recognize how powerful and strong you can be regardless of age. To be a badass and thrive!

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I'm Liv, nice to meet you, here's a little about me and my life.

Unlike Many Other Fitness Coaches I Didn't Grow Up Sporty.

When I was born my mother was told that I have a weak heart and would have further problems in life. I started walking late and doctors worried that I may never walk properly. I got bronchitis often and suffered from many chest infections.

The doctors should have seen me now, pumping out 30 box jump burpees in one go, deadlifting 110kg, and pumping out 10 pull-ups, at 42. 

I was born in Moldova, and at 15, I found myself trading the European landscapes for the sunburnt soils of Australia with my single mom.

Sadly my memories of school weren’t great as I was bullied, and often scoffed my lunch in the restroom cubical to avoid mean kids outside. 

During school sports, I almost always got hit in the face with the ball. Other more coordinated kids laughed or got frustrated with me, so I really hated participating and tried to write fake notes from Mom to be excused. 

Sick child in bed recovering
Recovering from yet another round of Bronchitis at age 7.
Cross Fit Woman

Getting Addicted to Fitness and Never Looking Back.

Now, if you’d told my teenage self that I’d one day be an avid Cross Fit enthusiast and a barbell-loving fitness junkie, I’d have probably laughed while polishing off another slice of pizza. Yep, back then, exercise was a foreign language to me. I’d dodge PE classes like a pro and couldn’t fathom why anyone would willingly run around.


Fast forward a few years, and here I am, living proof that transformation is not only possible, but it can become an addiction in the best way. I’ve fallen head over heels for this active lifestyle, and I can’t imagine a day without it. From lazy, incredibly uncoordinated teen to feeling stronger and fitter than ever in my 40s. The journey’s been a whirlwind, but every burpee, every squat, it’s all been worth it.

I just recently learned to do handstands at 42 for the 1st time, you bet I’m boasting with pride for that one. haha 

Becoming a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer.

Early in my work life I quickly found that being bound to an office job wasn’t my forte. I wanted to teach people how to become stronger, and fitter, eat for better health, and build a healthy lifestyle. Because I knew these habits were life-changing. 

I completed my qualifications as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in 2008. Along side a business diploma. I started coaching one-on-one clients and groups outdoors and in the gym part-time and then transitioned to a fitness career full-time and started my own business. Best decision ever! 

Since then I’ve helped 1000s of women and men to become stronger, more mobile and confident that they ever imagined. I helped learn about nutrition and love good food that helps them thrive without restrictive dieting. 

I cheered them on with every push up, every cm they’ve lost around their waist, every extra mile they ran and every extra kg/lb they lifted. I danced in happy joy with them when they felt proud of themselves. 

Personal Trainer Sydney Liv Banks
Liv Banks Family

Teaching My Daughter Good Habits.

I’m not just a fitness fanatic for my own kicks. I’m also a proud wife and a mom to a vivacious five-year-old bundle of energy. It’s crucial for me to show my daughter that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just normal, it’s joyful.

We’re not talking crash diets or punishing workouts, but rather, celebrating movement and savoring nutritious, delicious eats. It’s about setting an example that vitality and happiness go hand in hand, and that taking care of ourselves is an act of love, for both us and those we cherish.

Being able to move freely, with comfort and confidence comes from the work you put in daily.

Fit mom and daughter having fun

Competing in Bodybuilding.

What sets me apart? Well, besides being your trusty health coach and personal trainer, I’m a devoted advocate for holistic well-being. I dived deep into nutrition and supplementation to understand how my clients can support their athletic endeavors with proper nutrients and help them lose unwanted kilos.

In my blog, you can find loads of tips and resources. I share all the supplements I take, (as well as which ones are a waste of money), and many other insights about the aspects of my life that help me thrive. 

And here’s a little fun fact: not only have I coached remarkable women to excel in bodybuilding competitions, but I also clinched a prize in the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championship myself back in 2016.

Bodybuilding Fitness Women Before and After

Deep Dive Into Holistic Health.

My foray into the realms of supplementation and skincare was born out of a personal quest for holistic well-being.

As someone who once struggled with misconceptions about health and fitness, I became acutely aware of the gaps in my knowledge, particularly regarding the vital role of supplements and skincare in the broader context of wellness. This realization sparked a fervent curiosity, propelling me to dive deep into the world of nutrition, skincare, and the science behind it all.

Through dedicated research, countless trials, and seeking wisdom from experts in the field, I uncovered a treasure trove of information that I knew could make a difference in the lives of women seeking a balanced, confident existence.

Eager to share this knowledge, I embarked on a mission to demystify supplementation and skincare, weaving them seamlessly into the broader tapestry of health and wellness.

My approach is grounded in a holistic perspective, recognizing that true well-being transcends the confines of isolated practices.

In my writing, I aim to show how nutrition, fitness, skincare, and mental health are all connected, creating a complete picture of overall well-being. By simplifying complex concepts and offering practical, actionable advice, I empower women to take charge of their well-being, armed with the understanding that true beauty radiates from the inside out.

It’s a journey that’s as transformative for me as it is for those who embark on it, and I’m thrilled to continue sharing this empowering wisdom with the world.

Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age.

In case you forgot to grab it before, but are keen to learn proper exercise techniques and tips when it comes to lifting those dumbbells and building some sexy lean muscles. I created a free guide for you. Grab it before you leave this page. Just pop your details below and I’ll send it right over. 

Yours in all things health & fitness, 

Liv Banks. 

I’m also a proud founder of Fluro Fitness Sydney, a Sydney based Personal Training Services for women, by women. You can check out my social media accounts here where I post videos, updates and content relating to Women’s health and fitness.