Muscle Nation vs Bodiez Protein Water Powder Review.

Protein water is the new hype quickly popping up on supermarket health section shelves alongside protein powders at Woolies and Coles. It’s just like a protein shake, but clear rather than the traditional milky-type whey protein powder. In this review, I wanted to compare Muscle Nation vs Bodiez Protein Water Powder to give you a better idea of what they actually are. 

Taste-wise; Think Poweraid or Gatorade, minus the sugar, but plus a tonne of protein along with Collagen and BCAA’s. It’s a “clear” winner for me when it comes to a beverage, pun intended.

Being on the go can prove to be difficult to find protein sources from takeaway food, so whether it’s your training day or not getting enough protein every single day can make a huge difference in building muscle mass. I find that having the convenience of a few sachets of protein water powder makes it so much easier to get enough protein especially if I am running around on a busy day, I just have to add it to a glass of water. 

I have tried a couple of leading brands on the Australian market and also sought feedback from my loyal personal training clients. After doing some thorough research into both products, I decided to write a comparison review on Muscle Nation vs Bodiez Protein Water for my lovely blog readers like yourself. 

Below you will find all the details of the two brands and places where you can purchase it at the best price per serve. You’re welcome.

Limited flavors of both are available at some select Coles and Woolworths supermarkets in Australia. You can try single-serve sachets of powder or premixed clear protein drink to try. Once you decide which one you like better check out the links in my review to see where you can buy multiple-serve pouches at a discount or better value for money.

There are some other protein water powders on the market, but they don’t contain as much protein as these two brands do.

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1. Firstly, what is whey protein?

If you ever noticed clear water built up on top of your yogurt, that’s pretty much whey protein, so don’t drain it out, that is actually one of the best parts of the yogurt, just mix it back in.

This isn’t exactly the process of how the whey is extracted for protein shake purposes, but just so you have a simple understanding of what whey is, I thought it would be a good way to help you visualize it. 

Whey protein is basically derived from milk proteins and is considered a complete protein, but has fewer calories than drinking whole cow’s milk making it a great option for fat loss purposes. 

2. What is protein water or protein water powder and how is it different from regular protein shakes?

Protein water powder that you can buy in sachets or multiple serving packets online of at your local supermarkets is basically regular whey powder but clarified further to make it clear. That is all there is to it, it’s not a gimmick and it’s not some artificially made product. I have recently switched to it as I prefer it over regular protein shakes.

Ready-to-go protein water like Bodiez protein water that you might have noticed on your local supermarket shelves recently is simple powder already premixed with water for convenience, so if you are on the go you can just grab one and drink it right away. It does not require refrigeration.

3. Is protein water good for weight loss - is it better than regular protein powder?

I found that most protein water brands are lower in calories than regular protein powder making it a good alternative if you are trying to reduce your overall daily calories for weight loss.

Average protein powder with a similar amount of protein per server normally comes in at around 112-140 calories per scoop/serving for the low-carb options.

Muscle Nation protein water contains only 104 calories per serving while Bodiez protein water comes in at 131 calories for the 30 grams of protein version or 87 calories for the 20 grams of protein version. The higher the protein of course the higher the calories as you can see. So, make sure to compare your regular protein powder macros and calories to decide which option is lower in calories.

Always be mindful that your overall daily calorie intake is what matters most, but saving a few calories from the protein shakes you choose can help towards your total daily caloric allowance when comes to weight loss.

4. How is whey protein water made and is it as safe as regular protein powder?

Clear whey protein powder is just as safe as regular protein powder, it’s just filtered more to remove solid components.

Clear whey protein isolate is made using a process that involves several key steps.

Whey protein extraction:

The process begins with the extraction of whey protein from milk. Whey is a by-product of cheese production and contains a high concentration of protein. The whey is separated from the curds and then filtered to remove any impurities.


To achieve a clear appearance, the whey undergoes a clarification process by further filtering out any remaining solids.

Ion exchange or microfiltration:

To isolate the whey protein, methods such as ion exchange or microfiltration are commonly used. Ion exchange involves passing the whey through resins that selectively bind and separate the protein from other components.


Once the whey protein is concentrated, ultrafiltration may be employed to remove additional impurities and refine the protein content. This process involves passing the whey protein solution through a fine membrane, separating smaller molecules and allowing for further purification.


After the whey protein solution is processed and purified, it is then dried to remove the water content and transform it into a powdered form. Spray drying is a common method used, where the liquid whey protein is sprayed into a hot chamber, and the water evaporates, leaving behind fine particles of whey protein powder.

It’s important to note that different manufacturers may have variations in their specific processes and may add different ingredients.

5. Muscle Nation clear whey protein powder.

Muscle Nation Protein Water Powder Flavours

Muscle Nation Protein Water Nutritional Information.

A refreshing clear protein water supplement. It comes with the addition of collagen and BCAA’s (Branched – Chain Amino Acids), which in simple terms are essential amino acids that is a good source of muscle energy.

This is what Muscle Nation protein water powder offers;

23.6-24.6 g protein per serve (depending on flavour selected), 105 calories, 12 grams of collagen, 99% sugar-free, 0 gram of fat, less than 2g of carbs, 30mg of calcium. 

6. Bodie'z clear whey protein powder.

Bodie’z Protein Water Nutritional Information.

A clear protein water supplement that is similar to Poweraid in flavour and texture. Containing less than 1g of sugar per serving and has added vitamins and minerals making it a great choice on the go. 

This is what Bodie’z protein water powder offers;

30 g protein per serving, 131 calories, less than 1g of sugar, 0 gram of fat, vitamin B6, B12, C, D, E, and calcium. Sweetened with natural sweeteners like Steviol and Erythritol. 

Use code: CFFIVECD for 5% discount sitewide. 

7. Muscle Nation vs Bodiez protein water comparison?

  1. Bodie’z protein water contains around 6g more protein per serve.

  2. Muscle Nation protein water however, has added collagen.

  3. Muscle Nation protein water outranked Bodie’z protein water in taste according to many customer reviews. 

  4. Bodie’z protein water is available pre-mixed in bottles, needs refrigeration after opening if bottle unfinished.

  5. Muscle Nation protein water has more flavour varieties.

  6. Bodie’z protein water has an unflavoured option.

  7. Bodie’z protein water contains other minerals and vitamins.
  8. Muscle Nation protein water has added BCAAs. 

8. Some great protein sources from whole foods are;

– good quality lean meats

– chicken breast and turkey

– dairy products

– eggs and egg whites in carton

– fish and other seafood

– plant-based proteins like tofu, beans and lentils

– protein bars (although read the ingredients lists carefully, as those can contain a lot of other unhealthy additives)

9. Advantages of whey protein dietary supplements.

– convenient on the go

– easy to consume even when not very hungry especially protein water type

– makes it much easier to reach your daily protein intake

– great for breakfast-skippers 

– a great way to get more protein for less calories 

– can help you have a more balanced diet, especially if you are someone who struggles with protein intake

– can help you keep your total calories lower as it’s low in fat and can be low in carbs if no sugar is added (check the back of product packaging) 

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